Upcoming Events:

Now scheduling our 2019-20 season!

February 15th, @5pm, Senior Valentine’s dinner dance, Gibraltar, MI.

March 15th, @2:30pm, WWII 75th Anniversary Museum Exhibit Opening, Grass Lake, MI.

June 4th, @6:30pm, Grass Lake Senior Center, Grass Lake MI.

June 14th, @11am, Private touring event hosted by the Jackson District Library, Jackson, MI.

June 19th, @4:30pm, Car Show Fundraiser @Independence Village, Brighton MI.

June 21st, @4:30pm, Glen Abbey, Canton, MI.

July 12th, @6pm, Summit Library, Jackson, MI. http://myjdl.com/venue/summit/

July 13th, @2pm, Private Event @ Brecon Village, Saline, MI.

July 15th, @2pm, Private Event, Ann Arbor, MI.

July 31st, @2:30pm Monroe County Fair, Monroe, MI. http://monroecountyfair.com/

August 2nd, @7:15pm, Private Event, Ann Arbor, MI.

August 2nd, @4:45pm, Chelsea Seniors, Chelsea, MI.

August 22nd, @3pm, Private Event, Brighton, MI.

August 28th, Private touring event hosted by the Jackson District Library, Jackson, MI.

August 31st, @11:30am, Saline Community Fair Hero’s Day Event, Saline, MI.

August 31st, @2pm & 3:30pm, Private Event, Tecumseh, MI.

September 12th, @2pm, Private Event, Ann Arbor, MI.

September 12th, @6pm, Eastern Library, Jackson, MI.       http://myjdl.com/events/abc-sisters-3/

September 20th, @5:30pm, Walk to End Alzheimer’s, Jackson, MI. https://act.alz.org/site/TR/Walk2019/MI-MichiganGreatLakes?pg=entry&fr_id=12633 

November 8th, @7pm Hanover Library, Hanover, MI. http://myjdl.com/venue/hanover/

November 11th, @9:30am Private Event, Chelsea, MI.

December 5th, @6pm Private Event, Tecumseh, MI.

December 15th, @3:30pm Private Event, Saline, MI.


January 11th, 2020 @2pm Private Event, Saline, MI.

February 9th, 2020 @3pm, Public Concert at the Plymouth Library, Plymouth, MI.