Upcoming Events:


*Events open to the public are in bold. 

June 8th, @ 7:30pm Private Event: Ann Arbor, MI.

July 3rd, @ 12:30pm Private Event: West Bloomfield, MI.

July 3rd, @ 3pm Private Event: Birmingham, MI.

July 11th @ 1:30pm Private Event: Swartz Creek, MI.

July 11th, @ 4pm Private Event: WWII Reunion, Brown City, MI.

July 21st, @ 11am Private Event: Brookhaven Manor, Ann Arbor, MI.

July 30th, @ 12:30pm Private Event: Grand Blanc, MI.

July 30th, @ 3pm Private Event: Woodland Village, Brighton, MI.

August 9th, @ 11:45am Public Event: Senior Day Show, Jackson County Fair, Jackson, MI. https://www.jacksoncountyfair.net/

August 11th, @ 4pm Private Event: Independence Village Car Show, Brighton, MI.

August 18th, @ 6:30pm Public Event: Music in the Park, Grass Lake, MI. https://www.facebook.com/GrassLakeFarmersMarket/ 

August 31st, @ 7pm Private Event: Novi, MI.

September 2nd, @ 2pm Private Event: Brookhaven Manor, Ann Arbor, MI.

September 15th, @ 2pm Private Event: Owosso, MI.

September 15th, @ 4pm Private Event: St. Johns, MI.

September 25th, @ 2-3:30pm Public Event: The Vintage Market Mercantile at the Downtown Trenton Sip, Shop & Stroll, Trenton, MI. https://www.facebook.com/thevintagemarketmercantile/posts/227338422740227?notif_id=1631457933824547&notif_t=page_tag&ref=notif

September 29th, @ 4:30pm Private Event: Brookdale Assisted Living, Brighton, MI.

October 1st, @ 5:15-5:45pm Public Event: Alzheimer’s Walk, Jackson, MI. https://act.alz.org/site/TR/Walk2021/MI-MichiganGreatLakes?fr_id=14552&pg=entry

October 16th, @ 12pm Public Event: Scarecrow Stroll with the Vintage Market, Taylor, MI. https://www.facebook.com/thevintagemarketmi/ 

November 11th, @ 9:30am Private Event: Veterans Day Event, Chelsea, MI.

November 11th, @ 11am Private Event: Veterans Day Event, Chelsea, MI.

November 11th, @ 2pm Private Event: Veterans Day Event, Ann Arbor, MI.

December 10th, @ 12:30pm Private Event: Jackson, MI.